occasional thoughts

occasional thoughts

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

this is a thing

This is a blog post because that's what people are supposed to do on blogs. I don't know. I wanted to update my sidebar thing with some new publications and felt like I should write something here. So here we are. You look nice. Did you do something new with your hair? Or maybe it's your shoes? Yeah, find some new publications to the right of here ---->. I've been writing poems but not as much. Mainly I've been writing fiction, which it turns out is pretty hard. You have to write a lot of words to write fiction. Is that obvious? It was a surprise to me. I've been thinking about how sentences function. They're different than lines from a poem. Again, obvious no? It seems to me, and I could very well be wrong but think I'm right, that a sentence should do one of three things. It should kill you, absolutely destroy you in every way you didn't know you wanted to be destroyed, with its language. Or the sentence should deliver a truth, profound or otherwise. Something you feel in your bones. It shouldn't do this in ornate, flowery or too contrived language, though. Meg Wolitzer does a good job at it. Finally, if a sentence doesn't do the above two, it shouldn't make you aware of its presence. Does that make sense? If it doesn't stand out for its language or its idea, it should disappear into the other sentences like a child in school. Does that make sense? It should propel the story forward and I'm not talking about merely plot. Does that make sense? It should feel effortless, though of course it was labored over for minutes and maybe hours and days. I feel like that makes sense. Until next year, or maybe the one after that, it's been a pleasure.

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