occasional thoughts

occasional thoughts

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

i never know what to do with this, so i'm just going to post links to stuff i've read online recently and loved. i'd post links to stuff i've read offline, but sadly, life doesn't work like that.

sasha fletcher has a little something here. i'm not sure if it's considered an e-chap or not. either way, it's great.

octopus released their fifteenth issue. i haven't read the whole thing yet. i'm up to yvette johnson. what i have read has been pretty phenomenal. pay extra amazing attention to the pieces from alice bolin, donald dunbar, and james gendron. 

ninth letter recently published their first online issue. full disclosure, i've only read the poetry section. that's where the link takes you. all the writing is from students in writing programs, grad or undergrad. these kids (probably most of whom are older than me) are killing it. samantha deal, brianna noll, portia elan, and ron salutsky (who wins the award of best title for his poem "In Praise of Kool Filter Kings") are the standouts, but really the whole issue is great.