occasional thoughts

occasional thoughts

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

things and other such nonsense

so i am not the only david greenspan in this world! shocking, i know. a guy named david greenspan apparently runs a press called butcher shop press. i know nothing about them, but just wanted to let the world (all six of you reading) know that this david greenspan is not me. i wish him success, although if he's running a poetry press he's going to need more than my well wishes. he's going to need super agent ari gold! yes, i have been re-watching entourage. this had been the best life decision i have ever made. i'm rambling. i really just wanted to say that my new chapbook, THEN, has a goodreads page!  so you should add it, or rate it, or review it, or do nothing. some asshole gave me a 2 star rating. can you believe the nerve of some people? (because sarcasm doesn't transfer well over the internet - let me just say, i'm joking. mostly). so yeah, do something with that goodreads page and i will be forever grateful. happy thanksgiving everyone

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