occasional thoughts

occasional thoughts

Friday, August 10, 2012

***Nothing in is blog post is of importance until the very last sentence***

Wouldn't it be cool to be too cool to blog? You're right, no it wouldn't. Check out the new publication links on the side of the page! I have fairly new work in Mud Luscious, New Dead Families, Pear Noir, and Safety Pin Review. I'm grateful, proud, and excited for all of those publications. Thanks JA, Zack, Daniel, and Simon!

NAP released my first chapbook in June. It's called i tried to bear the elephants and lost. It's so sexy and I sometimes hold it in my hands and just stare. Stare and stare and then eat a sandwich so I'll have more energy to stare. Go to NAP to pick up a copy. Get 'em while they're hot folks.

Turtleneck Press sent me the cover art for my next chap, THEN. THEN is coming out early October, I believe. Until then, check their site out and maybe order a copy of Adam Moorad's fairly new chapbook. Turtleneck Press.

I'm meeting Spike Lee tonight.