occasional thoughts

occasional thoughts

Thursday, May 31, 2012

a collection of my greatest hits

Panguar Ban Party dropped this (A COLLECTION OF MY GREATEST HITS) fun lil e-chap of sexy time poems. then beach sloth wrote something.

if for some strange reason you are reading this and saying to yourself "oh sweet, some new poems, that's rad. i really wish he would write more about video games though." have faith internet people. i will write about video games soon. shadow era. if you know, you know. also, i just got a copy of commuting: have gone to ithaca - frank quitely, by jared jospeh. i'm fucking excited.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


this tuesday panguar ban party is dropping an e-chap of mine about relationships i've had, real and fictional. june 18th NAP is dropping a print chap of mine about mental illness, relationships (real this time), and other random fun things. it would mean a lot, and i mean A LOT, to me if you took the time to read either one. no pressure now