occasional thoughts

occasional thoughts

Thursday, April 5, 2012

one half shameless promotion, one half video games

first, there's this. very, very cool to be mentioned and have my writing spoken of in such nice ways. seriously, this made my day. thank you Thom James. it was awesome to get solicited by the fine folks at heavy feather review. it was awesome to watch the issue drop. it was awesome to watch it be in amazon's top ten poetry best sellers list for a few weeks. it was awesome to read through the many fine words inside it and it's fucking awesome to see that other people loved the issue the way i did. so there's that.

second, i have two new chapbooks coming out in the near future. panguar ban party is publishing an e-chap of poems about relationships (real and imagined) i've had over the last few years. that should be out early summer. turtleneck press is publishing a chapbook length prose poem about this guy who kills himself and floats around with a girl who kills herself. it's like that movie, you know the one i mean. that should be out in october. very excited for both of these. nap rocks, check out their new-ish issue. they're publishing a chap this summer. i've been, and will be forever, very excited about that. i've had a bunch of poems published also. birdfeast  published a poem i'm very proud of. they're a new journal that is so full of fuck yes it's crazy. just look at the name.

now for the fun. iphone video games. well, since we've last talked i've been hooked on archetype, sas 3, angry birds (i know), and pro zombie soccer.

archetype is a first person shooter which has no single player mode. that's not entirely true. it has a shitty training mode. everything else is played online. it's like unreal or doom or pick whatever awesome online fps you want to compare it to. the graphics are crisp. the levels are fun. the weapons are deadly. the firing system is unique. you have your joysticks in the lower corners of the phone and to shoot you simply get an enemy in your cross hairs. this makes the battles faster paced. the xp system is neat. you have the same six insignia's held inside a circle. each time you level the insignia changes. when you level through all six of them, you go back to the first but your circle changes. as you progress further in the game, your circle becomes a diamond, some weird triangle like thing and eventually an egg shape. i'm only on the third circle. excellent game.

SAS 3 is a call of duty zombie type game. it's an overhead, third person shooter. it's fun but gets boring quick. i can only play it for half hour, or so, intervals. very repetitive. hey, just like me! the leveling system is also pretty neat. as you level up, you get perks. think new guns, skills (radar, faster reload, etc). it's a good way to mindlessly kill some time. speaking of mindless time killing -

angry birds. do i even need to say anything about this game? yes, yes i do. i bought it a year or so ago and got bored very fast. then i re-downloaded it about two weeks ago. i've spent much of these past two weeks playing. it's the most calming substance that's not a substance i've found. the music, the colors, the sounds of the birds and slingshot, the fairly easy to bear levels. you can just play and play and play and before you know it, two hours have passed. or before i know it. very good stuff.

pro zombie soccer is another game that i bought awhile ago and put down quickly. this time it was because i beat the game though. it's very short. basically, you're this kid named jax. jax is some kind of soccer prodigy who gets kicked off of his gold medal winning (at what?) team and starts living on the streets. then there's some sort of zombie virus outbreak and jax gets bitten (or does he?). you then go through a bunch of worlds with sub-levels. you kill you zombie ex-bestfriend. you save your ex girlfriend and eventually save the world. it's fun but goes quick. i beat it again in a day and a half. i've been replaying it on hardcore mode and it's more difficult. i haven't beaten hardcore mode yet and it's been at least a week. so, how the game works is like this. jax is on the left side of the screen and has a soccer ball. you can touch up and down with your finger behind jax to aim the ball anywhere. you then kick it at zombies. simple enough. there are power ups that add some flair to the game. the zombies get harder also. at one point you go to the zombie planet and fight, among others, these weird fish creatures who fly mini spaceships. so you need to shoot out the window of the ships before you can hurt the alien zombies. i swear, it's great. (famous last words, huh?)