occasional thoughts

occasional thoughts

Monday, January 2, 2012

new years

staying up late pays off. just minutes ago i saw a post from the red lightbulbs facebook page saying issue 6 is live! i have six poems in there! read them here. i haven't read through the issue yet, but there are some killer names in there. jason teal (one of the editors of the new journal heavy feather review) has a story. so does robert vaughan. nick sturm has an other. that's going to be awesome.

issue 18 of mud luscious is up also! it's good as shit. it has some poems from me (from the same series as the red lightbulb poems) and other sweetness! troubadour kaul has some poem things that are strange and awesome. read mud luscious here.

so it's 2012 as my new years resolutions are as follows

**be a better father to annette (my pet rat). i don't spend a lot of time with her, but i make sure to play with her nonstop in the time i do spend. so maybe i should say spend more time with annette.

**write more real stuff (read-  video games) on this blog. i don't really like blogging. it takes a lot of my energy and seems way harder than it is. i read a bunch of writer's blogs that rock though. lately i've been cracking out on roxane gay. she writes great movie reviews.

**for that matter, play some of the new games i've downloaded. i've been playing through zenonia 4. it might be the best zenonia yet, although the in app purchase system is way overloaded. you need to spend real money to make the game enjoyable. well, you don't NEED to, but it helps a lot. i've gotten back into archetype and leveled my player up to 'major.' that comes after 'master sergeant' but before '???' i hope to find out what it comes before. there are two other rpgs i need to play.

**don't fuck up this new relationship i have going on. she's a nice girl (and probably way out of my league).

**find homes for the two chapbook manuscripts that are homeless. one is out in the world and awaiting reply. the other is still being worked on. once (fingers crossed!) those two are published, i'm going to pick the best poems from the three manuscripts i have and make them into a full length. i figure if the worlds going to end in december, i should at least have a full length poetry collection manuscript, right??

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