occasional thoughts

occasional thoughts

Monday, January 9, 2012

best of

so i've been reading a lot of blogs and they all seem to be doing a best of 2011 list. fuck that noise. i'm going to do a best of ever list. ever really means 23 years which really means like 13 years.

best books
(picking one is obviously too hard, so here are a few)

the redwall series by brian jaques
these books were my childhood. they also made me want to be a wolf who carries an axe. i think i'm coming close to achieving my goal.

ghost machine by ben mirov
i just got this book recently, but it confirms something i have long (read: months) suspected - the best poetry makes little to no sense while making complete sense. the best poetry is visceral and intellectual at once. the best poetry is written by ben mirov

heavy petting by gregory sherl
i would still be an ignorant poetry slammer who thinks a metaphor about childbirth is groundbreaking, if it wasn't for greg. he told me "you're not a slam poet, submit to journals and stop being a dick." this lead to me discovering an amazing community and finding out that i like writing for the sake of writing a hell of a lot more than writing for the sake of slamming. also, this book is sweet. it feels like xanax in a good way.

best music

nirvana unplugged
this cd is the most relaxing substance known to man. it is haunted and haunting and horribly good. when i originally typed that sentence, i typed god instead of good. that describes nirvana unplugged, horribly god.

sing sing death house by the distillers
this is the cd that sparked me wanting to do a best of ever list. i keep coming back to it time and time again. energy is the best way to describe the distillers. so much fucking energy. this cd is loud and sloppy and fast and angry and loud and perfect. i've also written quite a few poems about sing sing death house, or brody dalle (the distiller's lead singer). none get published, but i have hope.

best friend

juliana steen
my better half. the only reason i haven't committed a murder, suicide (YET). i love you.

best movies

the wackness
basically, this movie is about a middle class, white, jewish, teenage drug dealer in manhatten in 1994 (maybe 1992?) who falls in love with this girl and gets his heart broken. COME ON. do you know me? this is pretty much my life, minus the selling drugs part

igby goes down
catcher in the rye for those born in the 1980s. plus, you get to see amanada peet's boobs. although this happens in most of her movies, igby goes down was the first place i saw her boobs. they are majestic.

best lit mag

i can always count on thinking "i should just stop writing" after reading an issue of pank (print or online). just so good.

best kiss

sylvia murray
we kissed on the corner of laurel and walnut after eating at the laurel luncheonette when i was 17 and she was 16. she was wearing white shoes and it was sort of raining, lightly. i was sober despite having a raging drug addiction at the time.


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