occasional thoughts

occasional thoughts

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Note: The books, music, etc., listed weren’t necessarily released in 2012. Nor were they read and/or experienced in 2012. Some were, some weren’t, and some never will be

Best Book Title
TIE! Another Bullshit Night in Suck City by Nick Flynn and My Pet Serial Killer by Michael J. Seidlinger

Best Book Title of a Book I Probably Won’t Read
Another Bullshit Night in Suck City by Nick Flynn

Best Movie
The Wackness, always and forever. Luke Shapiro you are my power animal

Best Lit Mag Corey Zeller was Published In
All of them, but probably NY Tyrant

Best Literary Journal
Safety Pin Review (I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, they’re the only journal I know that is truly innovating the way we read literature). An honorable mention is due to Birdfeast, a new online journal. They have it all: good poems, an aesthetically pleasing layout, the non-debatable best name ever, and a rad ass editor (Jess Poli say word).

Best Rats
Francis and Jonas Seymour

Best Rat Named After a Literary Character
Jonas Seymour (his middle name is after Seymour Glass)

Best MF DOOM Song
Microwave Mayo, with an honorable mention to Gazillion Ear, and Cellz (Cellz would have won if it didn’t have an annoying minute plus Burroughs except at the start)

Best MF DOOM lyric
“Crime pays no dental or medical / unless you catch retirement / county, state or federal”

Best Holiday Gift
I bought my dad two pounds of Fudge. Fuck with it, yo

Best Snack
Cheddar Jack Cheese Itz

Best Band from Arizona with More than Four Members
Ramshackle Glory

Best Band from Arizona with Less than Four Members
How the fuck should I know?

Best Band I Listened to This Year

Best Band I Listened to Ever
Ramshackle Glory

Best Song about Finding God

Best Song about Finding the Devil
Acid Song by Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains

Best Pat the Bunny Lyric
“Well I’ve been listening to Minor Threat records all day and shit if I do not know every word” (This isn’t really Pat’s best lyric, but it’s my favorite right now)

Best Worst Pat the Bunny Lyric
“Oi, oi, oi, oi”

Best Unpublished Manuscript
Partners by Simon Jacobs. This shit be ill yo. Simon has it in to a competition right now and I expect it to be published quite soon.

Best Shirt
That Death Star one I made

Best Person to Leave Florida
Fuck you Greg Sherl

Best Book From Greg Sherl in 2012
All of them

Best Chapbook of Mine in 2012
This one, or this one, or this one

Best Girl I Wrote a Chapbook About
This one

Best Fight I Got Into
With a senior citizen about whether I could park my car overnight in a guest spot at an apartment complex. Things escalated and he beat me with a lead pipe. I’m fairly certain I’m joking.

Best Natural Disaster

Best Podcast
Other People with Brad Listi. I have nothing snarky to say here. Quality radio type interview program.

Best Book I Read
TIE! Victory by Ben Kopel and Scary, No Scary by Zachery Schomburg. An honorable mention to This Is A Flood by Holly Amos. 

Best Book I’m Currently Reading
TIE! Beautiful Outside by Nick Strum (a killer PDF chapbook from H_ngm_n) and Although Of Course You End up Becoming Yourself by David Lipsky

Best Book Published by H_ngm_n Press
Victory by Ben Kopel. This book kind of changed my life. Possibly it is the perfect poetry collection. Certainly it is wonderful, and dense, and infinitely reread-able.

Best TV show
Breaking Bad. For years I would have said Mad Men (and really, what a great show it is), but oh man did Breaking Bad win me over with their fifth season.

Best Video Game
Mario Kart 64

Best Video Game that’s Not Mario Kart 64
NFL Blitz

Best Best Of List
Fuck you

Best Time I Caught Dome at 4 a.m. in the Backseat of my Toyota Corolla
The 5th time, and what the hell, did I really just write “caught dome”?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

things and other such nonsense

so i am not the only david greenspan in this world! shocking, i know. a guy named david greenspan apparently runs a press called butcher shop press. i know nothing about them, but just wanted to let the world (all six of you reading) know that this david greenspan is not me. i wish him success, although if he's running a poetry press he's going to need more than my well wishes. he's going to need super agent ari gold! yes, i have been re-watching entourage. this had been the best life decision i have ever made. i'm rambling. i really just wanted to say that my new chapbook, THEN, has a goodreads page!  so you should add it, or rate it, or review it, or do nothing. some asshole gave me a 2 star rating. can you believe the nerve of some people? (because sarcasm doesn't transfer well over the internet - let me just say, i'm joking. mostly). so yeah, do something with that goodreads page and i will be forever grateful. happy thanksgiving everyone

Thursday, October 18, 2012

new publications! click on the links to read new (old) work in interrupture, and new (new) work at alice blue review. both of the issues are chock full of other goodness, so check em out. seriously, interrupture is packed to the gills with people you should be reading. there's more i want to say but, you know, now is not the time. now is the time to watch freaks and geeks (and fucking undeclared!) on netflix. yes, now is that time.

Friday, September 28, 2012

oh the things i shall tell you dear reader. the things, the not things, and the other things. okay, Spike Lee. sometime in late august i had the opportunity to see a premiere of his latest film, red hook summer, at BAM. the film itself was ehh- enjoyable but nothing worth fawning over. however, after the film, Spike did a Q and A that was interesting, to say the least. he was witty, engaging, self deprecating, and high as fuck. some pretentious NYU film student asked asinine questions and Spike quickly shut him the fuck up. it was a good experience overall. certainly one of the better i've had in Brooklyn (the others consisting of buying drugs, and shitty house shows).

let's talk about the Safety Pin Review, alright? it's a new lit mag run by the cool as shit Simon Jacobs. i have no opinion on the endless debate about over saturation of literary journals. i like most everything i read in most every journal, with the obvious except of some bullshit that's been published. however, what Simon does is (i believe) completely uncharted territory. while SPR has an online component with archives of the thirty odd pieces its published so far (including one from yours truly); it's their other side that makes them groundbreaking. Simon paints the microfictions onto patches and sends them around the world to be worn by operatives. fuck. let's think about this for just one second. here is a literary magazine/journal/concern which is not in print, in the traditional sense, and has it's stories worn as clothing. has anyone done this before? probably. do i know of anyone that's done this before? no. SPR is without a doubt (seriously, nothing else is even close) coolest idea/venture in indie publishing today. fucking quote me on that. worth mentioning is that SPR isn't just a rad idea - they publish some fine writing. contributors include xTx, Brandi Wells, Barry Basden, Chad Redden, Russ Woods, Helen Vitoria, and many others i'm not familiar with. SPR doesn't publish a small section of a larger story, they publish fully formed, dare i say beautifully fucked up, 30 word stories. marginally related is the fact that Simon sent me a copy of a chapbook he's putting together. how honored was i to be asked to read through it? very. it's called Partners (the title story can be found here). once it's published, or before if you're into that sorta thing, this book will rock your world so hard.

speaking of chapbooks, i have some cool news. Green Light Books in Brooklyn has a few copies of my NAP chap, i tried to bear the elephants and lost. get on that new york people! Turtleneck Press just released my second chapbook THEN. THEN is the semi story of this guy who kills himself then floats around as a ghost with a girl who killed herself. are they in purgatory? are they really ghosts? what happens? how do miles davis, redwood trees, a shark, rome, and bone cigarettes fit into their story? you'll just have to order the book and find out! it's five dollars (one more for shipping i think) and there are only sixty copies for the first printing. let's sell those sixty out! on a serious note, if you dear reader happen to order a copy, please email me and let me know. i will personally thank you and maybe send you naked pictures of myself. the fact that people read what i write, and seem to connect with it/enjoy it, is amazing (read: confusing).

there is certainly more to write about, but that is for another time dear reader. check out my updated links while i go and watch season seven of weeds (seriously Netflix rocks for adding new episodes!)

Friday, August 10, 2012

***Nothing in is blog post is of importance until the very last sentence***

Wouldn't it be cool to be too cool to blog? You're right, no it wouldn't. Check out the new publication links on the side of the page! I have fairly new work in Mud Luscious, New Dead Families, Pear Noir, and Safety Pin Review. I'm grateful, proud, and excited for all of those publications. Thanks JA, Zack, Daniel, and Simon!

NAP released my first chapbook in June. It's called i tried to bear the elephants and lost. It's so sexy and I sometimes hold it in my hands and just stare. Stare and stare and then eat a sandwich so I'll have more energy to stare. Go to NAP to pick up a copy. Get 'em while they're hot folks.

Turtleneck Press sent me the cover art for my next chap, THEN. THEN is coming out early October, I believe. Until then, check their site out and maybe order a copy of Adam Moorad's fairly new chapbook. Turtleneck Press.

I'm meeting Spike Lee tonight.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

a collection of my greatest hits

Panguar Ban Party dropped this (A COLLECTION OF MY GREATEST HITS) fun lil e-chap of sexy time poems. then beach sloth wrote something.

if for some strange reason you are reading this and saying to yourself "oh sweet, some new poems, that's rad. i really wish he would write more about video games though." have faith internet people. i will write about video games soon. shadow era. if you know, you know. also, i just got a copy of commuting: have gone to ithaca - frank quitely, by jared jospeh. i'm fucking excited.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


this tuesday panguar ban party is dropping an e-chap of mine about relationships i've had, real and fictional. june 18th NAP is dropping a print chap of mine about mental illness, relationships (real this time), and other random fun things. it would mean a lot, and i mean A LOT, to me if you took the time to read either one. no pressure now

Thursday, April 5, 2012

one half shameless promotion, one half video games

first, there's this. very, very cool to be mentioned and have my writing spoken of in such nice ways. seriously, this made my day. thank you Thom James. it was awesome to get solicited by the fine folks at heavy feather review. it was awesome to watch the issue drop. it was awesome to watch it be in amazon's top ten poetry best sellers list for a few weeks. it was awesome to read through the many fine words inside it and it's fucking awesome to see that other people loved the issue the way i did. so there's that.

second, i have two new chapbooks coming out in the near future. panguar ban party is publishing an e-chap of poems about relationships (real and imagined) i've had over the last few years. that should be out early summer. turtleneck press is publishing a chapbook length prose poem about this guy who kills himself and floats around with a girl who kills herself. it's like that movie, you know the one i mean. that should be out in october. very excited for both of these. nap rocks, check out their new-ish issue. they're publishing a chap this summer. i've been, and will be forever, very excited about that. i've had a bunch of poems published also. birdfeast  published a poem i'm very proud of. they're a new journal that is so full of fuck yes it's crazy. just look at the name.

now for the fun. iphone video games. well, since we've last talked i've been hooked on archetype, sas 3, angry birds (i know), and pro zombie soccer.

archetype is a first person shooter which has no single player mode. that's not entirely true. it has a shitty training mode. everything else is played online. it's like unreal or doom or pick whatever awesome online fps you want to compare it to. the graphics are crisp. the levels are fun. the weapons are deadly. the firing system is unique. you have your joysticks in the lower corners of the phone and to shoot you simply get an enemy in your cross hairs. this makes the battles faster paced. the xp system is neat. you have the same six insignia's held inside a circle. each time you level the insignia changes. when you level through all six of them, you go back to the first but your circle changes. as you progress further in the game, your circle becomes a diamond, some weird triangle like thing and eventually an egg shape. i'm only on the third circle. excellent game.

SAS 3 is a call of duty zombie type game. it's an overhead, third person shooter. it's fun but gets boring quick. i can only play it for half hour, or so, intervals. very repetitive. hey, just like me! the leveling system is also pretty neat. as you level up, you get perks. think new guns, skills (radar, faster reload, etc). it's a good way to mindlessly kill some time. speaking of mindless time killing -

angry birds. do i even need to say anything about this game? yes, yes i do. i bought it a year or so ago and got bored very fast. then i re-downloaded it about two weeks ago. i've spent much of these past two weeks playing. it's the most calming substance that's not a substance i've found. the music, the colors, the sounds of the birds and slingshot, the fairly easy to bear levels. you can just play and play and play and before you know it, two hours have passed. or before i know it. very good stuff.

pro zombie soccer is another game that i bought awhile ago and put down quickly. this time it was because i beat the game though. it's very short. basically, you're this kid named jax. jax is some kind of soccer prodigy who gets kicked off of his gold medal winning (at what?) team and starts living on the streets. then there's some sort of zombie virus outbreak and jax gets bitten (or does he?). you then go through a bunch of worlds with sub-levels. you kill you zombie ex-bestfriend. you save your ex girlfriend and eventually save the world. it's fun but goes quick. i beat it again in a day and a half. i've been replaying it on hardcore mode and it's more difficult. i haven't beaten hardcore mode yet and it's been at least a week. so, how the game works is like this. jax is on the left side of the screen and has a soccer ball. you can touch up and down with your finger behind jax to aim the ball anywhere. you then kick it at zombies. simple enough. there are power ups that add some flair to the game. the zombies get harder also. at one point you go to the zombie planet and fight, among others, these weird fish creatures who fly mini spaceships. so you need to shoot out the window of the ships before you can hurt the alien zombies. i swear, it's great. (famous last words, huh?)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

this is what we call a catch up post. why is it a catch up post? because i'll catch you up with all the exciting (read: boring) stuff that has been happening with me lately.

first, i was offered a contract for how they strike a balance between calligraphy and death metal. after much debating, and by debating i mean jumping up and down and yelling, i signed the contract. the press will remain a secret until the book is published, but rest assured avid reader, big things are in the works. expect to see the book early to mid 2013.

second, i've had a bunch of poems published since we last spoke. there is new work in dogzplot (francis and sarah poems), kill author (francis and sarah poems) and, again, in NAP (poems from my forthcoming NAP chap i tried to bear the elephants and lost). i'm excited and honored to be in these three journals. the links are on the right hand side of this page. read them!! beach sloth is cool always, but seems to be extra cool whenever a new NAP comes out. he did a small write up of NAP 2.3, read it here. he likes me. i like him. we can go to california and get married! will you marry me beach sloth? also i have a poem forthcoming from word riot. i racked up three healthy rejections from them before getting this poem accepted, so i'm just a bit psyched.

third, i had three poems published at thirteen myna birds (again, a link is on the right hand side of the page). the way that thirteen myna birds works is that they feature thirteen works at a time. as new pieces are added the old ones are shuffled off to die alone in a nursing home. it's sad, i know. i actually really like this idea and method of publishing. however, i'm also vain as fuck. i want people to be able to always read my wonderful poems. so i am going to post all three here! they're all, again, from my NAP chap, coming out this summer! enjoy!

lines on the highway going south

her thoughts winter, early evening.
a lucky strike tucked behind her ear
whistling show tunes and crawling south,
she steers my body like a pickup truck
covered in dents, a real barebones ford.
drifters pick strawberries from the tires,
nap in the transmission.
she shifts with my spinal cord,
the roof of my mouth, the clutch.
i ride a silver bicycle made of metal from her cavities.

a porch chair weathers the storm

rooms hidden within rooms, placed behind cobblestone walls.
there is sour water collected in my basement.
some would call this puddle a flood,
insist it be pumped out before the old bathroom sputters
an accusation in guttural tones:
your cousin shot heroin with bent knees on my bitter floor.

with soggy money i cannot afford this hurricane.
kindling: a photograph of the way you extend your neck,
a carnival of wasp stingers, parched as circuits.
the water must ruin crowded boxes
which have not been opened since before the doctors
thought to give me medication.

my house has doors that gasp cardboard.
apprehension, a whirlpool sucking in new water
like balsa wood and shop class finger shavings.
i put on soaked corduroy legs. my basement
will stay a dark swimming hole.
in the backroom is a waterproof gun case and i wonder
if my children will find the baked and cracked play-doh.

red spray on the wall in the pattern of a hand waving

i am underwater or thrashing on a carousel
or defeated in a chair while ants swarm over fingertips.
i play hangman with anton chekhov
in an abandoned storefront. charred roof beams,
cinder, gritted fists. a bit like gravity tied to a balloon,
all electric noise and sparks.

with vertebrae bent out of shape
he looks at me like folded paper, declares
this word does not contain the letter p.

he leaks like a faucet removing both shoes,
sketches the jungle inside a mason jar.
no plants, just dreadful bodies
covered in gashes and bright orange filament
keeps them tethered to the ground.
anton chekhov is lost in this jungle.

for the word, i guess shaving. he mutters
about rats and shooting himself in the thigh:
how the cartridge burrows through raw flesh, howling.

will the letter p emerge in the final act,
drape a plastic bag around my neckline,
gentle as sunburn flaking skin?
the hangman, drunk on warm pig’s blood and human meat.
i will not make the front page, instead newspapers read:
the dog’s fur contains battery acid, a stray nucleus.

Monday, January 9, 2012

best of

so i've been reading a lot of blogs and they all seem to be doing a best of 2011 list. fuck that noise. i'm going to do a best of ever list. ever really means 23 years which really means like 13 years.

best books
(picking one is obviously too hard, so here are a few)

the redwall series by brian jaques
these books were my childhood. they also made me want to be a wolf who carries an axe. i think i'm coming close to achieving my goal.

ghost machine by ben mirov
i just got this book recently, but it confirms something i have long (read: months) suspected - the best poetry makes little to no sense while making complete sense. the best poetry is visceral and intellectual at once. the best poetry is written by ben mirov

heavy petting by gregory sherl
i would still be an ignorant poetry slammer who thinks a metaphor about childbirth is groundbreaking, if it wasn't for greg. he told me "you're not a slam poet, submit to journals and stop being a dick." this lead to me discovering an amazing community and finding out that i like writing for the sake of writing a hell of a lot more than writing for the sake of slamming. also, this book is sweet. it feels like xanax in a good way.

best music

nirvana unplugged
this cd is the most relaxing substance known to man. it is haunted and haunting and horribly good. when i originally typed that sentence, i typed god instead of good. that describes nirvana unplugged, horribly god.

sing sing death house by the distillers
this is the cd that sparked me wanting to do a best of ever list. i keep coming back to it time and time again. energy is the best way to describe the distillers. so much fucking energy. this cd is loud and sloppy and fast and angry and loud and perfect. i've also written quite a few poems about sing sing death house, or brody dalle (the distiller's lead singer). none get published, but i have hope.

best friend

juliana steen
my better half. the only reason i haven't committed a murder, suicide (YET). i love you.

best movies

the wackness
basically, this movie is about a middle class, white, jewish, teenage drug dealer in manhatten in 1994 (maybe 1992?) who falls in love with this girl and gets his heart broken. COME ON. do you know me? this is pretty much my life, minus the selling drugs part

igby goes down
catcher in the rye for those born in the 1980s. plus, you get to see amanada peet's boobs. although this happens in most of her movies, igby goes down was the first place i saw her boobs. they are majestic.

best lit mag

i can always count on thinking "i should just stop writing" after reading an issue of pank (print or online). just so good.

best kiss

sylvia murray
we kissed on the corner of laurel and walnut after eating at the laurel luncheonette when i was 17 and she was 16. she was wearing white shoes and it was sort of raining, lightly. i was sober despite having a raging drug addiction at the time.


Monday, January 2, 2012

new years

staying up late pays off. just minutes ago i saw a post from the red lightbulbs facebook page saying issue 6 is live! i have six poems in there! read them here. i haven't read through the issue yet, but there are some killer names in there. jason teal (one of the editors of the new journal heavy feather review) has a story. so does robert vaughan. nick sturm has an other. that's going to be awesome.

issue 18 of mud luscious is up also! it's good as shit. it has some poems from me (from the same series as the red lightbulb poems) and other sweetness! troubadour kaul has some poem things that are strange and awesome. read mud luscious here.

so it's 2012 as my new years resolutions are as follows

**be a better father to annette (my pet rat). i don't spend a lot of time with her, but i make sure to play with her nonstop in the time i do spend. so maybe i should say spend more time with annette.

**write more real stuff (read-  video games) on this blog. i don't really like blogging. it takes a lot of my energy and seems way harder than it is. i read a bunch of writer's blogs that rock though. lately i've been cracking out on roxane gay. she writes great movie reviews.

**for that matter, play some of the new games i've downloaded. i've been playing through zenonia 4. it might be the best zenonia yet, although the in app purchase system is way overloaded. you need to spend real money to make the game enjoyable. well, you don't NEED to, but it helps a lot. i've gotten back into archetype and leveled my player up to 'major.' that comes after 'master sergeant' but before '???' i hope to find out what it comes before. there are two other rpgs i need to play.

**don't fuck up this new relationship i have going on. she's a nice girl (and probably way out of my league).

**find homes for the two chapbook manuscripts that are homeless. one is out in the world and awaiting reply. the other is still being worked on. once (fingers crossed!) those two are published, i'm going to pick the best poems from the three manuscripts i have and make them into a full length. i figure if the worlds going to end in december, i should at least have a full length poetry collection manuscript, right??