occasional thoughts

occasional thoughts

Thursday, December 15, 2011

i just took a nap

NAP is just so good to me. They make me hot coco after sex. Check out their new issue, NAP 2.1. I have a poem in there, two poems in their next issue, and a NAP chap coming out in the summer. Also the infamous Beach Sloth writes nice things about the issue, and me!!, in a blog post here. For the record, I am not Alan Greenspan's son - I am Alan Greenspan, himself.

I'm in New York for two weeks. If anyone from NY reads this (if anyone at all reads this) tell me where some readings are at. Holla at ya boy.

Also, check out this review I wrote! It's up at the Heavy Feather Review blog. Heavy Feather Review is a bad ass new lit journal. They're dropping their first issue at the start of 2012 and have some heavy hitters lined up (including yours truly). Jason Teal is a pretty rad editor and deserves to be "shouted-out."

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