occasional thoughts

occasional thoughts

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

short fast and heavy

I have a poem dressed up as a piece of micro fiction at Short, Fast and Deadly. I think that's pretty cool, do you? http://www.shortfastanddeadly.com/issue-98-23-october-2011/

Monday, October 24, 2011

happy halloween

Very exciting stuff is happening in the world. I have decided that I don't like blogging, so let's just cut to the chase. I have two poems up in the Halloween issue of Thirteen Myna Birds. Thirteen Myna Birds is the brain-child of Juliet Cook, who seems to have a book out on every press ever. She rocks and her journal is pretty cool. Dark, very dark. I fuks wit it, as they say. The lay out of the journal is rad. They have thirteen (sixteen for Halloween) pieces, ordered from thirteen to one. When a new piece is published, the piece numbered one gets pushed off the journal. Keeps things temporary, urgent maybe? Read my poems here while you can. http://13myna.blogspot.com/. What else is going on, you ask? A fair amount of rejections. Elimae - I will make sweet, sweet love to you one day, but not today. Some acceptances also. I'll link something later that I have in Short, Fast and Deadly. My chapbook is done, time to start sending that out. This little fucker was fun to put together. I will start another one soon. Personal things have been going on, alas poor reader, those are personal.

Monday, October 3, 2011

video games and writing but mostly video games

so the last couple weeks have been kind to my poems. i have a bunch of pieces forthcoming from a few magazines and i'm very excited. i'm not going to name names, but i'll link once they come out. i've also gotten more than a few rejections, however all the editors have been very nice. a personal rejection is almost as good as an acceptance. it makes the fire burn harder, i think. here is a link to the new issue of Vinyl Poetry (it came out today!). i'm in there along with some (other) fucking breathtaking writers. http://vinylpoetry.com/. now onto the fun part - video games!

video games are about the only thing i do as consistently as write. i mean there's eating and sleeping and all that but who cares? i've played three great games recently. hitman two: silent assassin, destinia and aurum blade. i'm sure i misspelled the last two. game by game breakdown, commence.

hitman two is so fucking fun. let me start by saying that i have an xbox. not an xbox 360, a xbox. so most of the games i play are old. i have a feeling that hitman two would give the newest metal gear solid games a run for their money. the whole idea is to be a silent assassin (as the name so eloquently implies), but you dont have to be. i think that's the best part of the game. you can chose to be sneaky and use garrote wire to kill guards without anyone noticing. you can also chose to go on a rampage. either way works and they both seem to be effective. also the save system is pretty neat. you can only save a certain number of times per map. i think most are seven. so you have to concentrate your efforts and not waste a single bullet.

destinia is a great game. it's an iphone rpg (my favorite kind of game!), that's basically a zenonia ripoff. however the graphics are smoother, in a 16bit way, and the movement system is better, in my opinion. one of my biggest problems with most rpgs is that you can get lost in the map so easily (maybe i'm just an idiot). not the case in destinia. you can only go to a map, or dungeon, or whatever, that you need to be going to.

aurum blade is the best game i have ever played. it's another iphone rpg, but this time it's a diablo II ripoff. this game is literally diablo II ported onto an iphone. i've had it for like three days and am already hooked. i've probably sunk ten hours into it at this point and am nowhere near done. fuckkkkk i love a good rpg. zenonia 3 was my gold standard for the last six months or so, but aurum blade blows it out of the water. one of the great things about this game is that it doesn't focus on the story line. there is some dumb ass, typical krpg story ,but it doesn't matter. the emphasis is much more on leveling, looting, and upgrading equips. also the power dungeon is a nice add-on. basically once a day you get to fight in a multi leveled dungeon and get insanely good gear. the only beef i have with this game is the inventory system, it's hard to navigate and small. that being said - the game is free! so i'll deal with the inventory bs.

video games and writing. yes.